How to care for your artwork to ensure it will last a lifetime. 


PRINTS: All prints should be framed under glass or acrylic to protect them from light as well as environmental pollutants, such as dust, pollen and moisture. Make sure prints are matted, or appropriately placed to create a space between the image and the glass. Hanging prints in the sun may shorten their lifespan, so if an image must be in the sunlight it is recommended to use UV glass.  


CANVAS: Printed on genuine artist canvas. Protect from direct sunlight. Has protective UV coating but can still be scratched so take care to prevent scratches. Not waterproof. 


METAL: Metal prints are created to hang without a frame. Their coating allows them to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Be sure not to scratch them, as their surface is like very much like a car. They are not made to hang directly in the sun, as this may cause them to fade overtime. Do not drop them, as they will bend. They are completely waterproof.